Retail Security

Ronin Security Provides Retail Security
Solutions to Numerous High Street Stores

Our uniformed officers play a major part in the overall experience of responsible retailers. Whilst the high streets continue to struggle, retailers need to protect their assets with a modern approach to security whilst focused on customer service.

Any retail business, security should be a priority. Whether you’re a small retail business department store or large retail chain, ensuring your products are secure and safe should be high on your list.

Ronin Security it’s our high on the list we can take care of anything from shoplifting, stock damage to disruptive behaviour. You have to ensure that you cover all grounds – the dangers facing retailers are at an all-time high.

security guard in the retail sector, one of the key characteristics you will require is a focused mind and a keen eye for detail. Stores of all shapes and sizes see vast numbers of people moving in and out of their doors every day,

Working in Retail Security

Absolutely essential for those working in retail security to be able to assess large volumes of people quickly and efficiently. Every hour there will be swathes of people entering and exiting the store – a security officer must be able to use their better judgement to assess the risk posed by each and every one of these people moving through the store. They will then need to identify any number of potential threats and shoplifters from the crowd and monitor them.

It can be difficult without experience to assess large numbers, but a fully trained security officer will be able to effectively protect the retail space. Likewise, an officer must also be able to keep an eye on the stock in the store and the staff, ensuring that nothing is amiss there either. A good retail security officer has to be thinking about each individual aspect of the store’s

Not Only does a Retail Security Officer

Not only does a retail security officer have to assess the risks posed by large volumes of people, but because they form part of the store staff they will also have to have good customer service skills.

day to day responsibilities of a Ronin Security Retail Officer common responsibilities include;

  • Ensuring the Safety of Employees and Customers
  • Deter and apprehend shoplifters at various retail locations
  • Provide Customer Service when Necessary
  • Handle Crisis and Emergency Situations with Confidence
  • Ensure all Saftey and Emergency Procedures are followed

Has a passion for ensuring the safety of the public, providing customer service and chasing down shoplifters, the Ronin Retail Security Officer