Residential Security

Residential Security

Residential security services offer peace of mind that you, your family, home and belongings are being professionally protected from outside threats.

Burglar alarm and CCTV in your home can be an excellent criminal deterrent, but it isn’t always enough anymore, particularly if you live in a high-profile property.

Criminals have not only become bolder, but also more technologically-savvy, causing many people to turn to more premium professional residential security for help.

Our Highly-Trained Residential Security Staff

Ronin security Our highly-trained residential security staff hold an SIA licence, have experience in Armed Forces and/or law enforcement and are First Aid trained, providing you with the optimum reassurance that you are receiving the best possible protection. All our guards undergo an in-house comprehensive training programme at our Training Academy so that they are fully equipped to manage the variety of residential security threats that could occur at home. Apart from qualifications and experience, we also think it important to recruit on the basis of personality and the ability to work well with the general public. It is particularly important in this area of residential security that guards are polite, personable, approachable, and discreet so that the individuals or families with which they work feel comfortable, especially if there are children at home.


A Resident of a High-Value Property

You may be under particular threat from would-be vandals, burglars, or intruders. If you have a family residing at the address, it can be an additional worry and avoiding a break-in, especially with family at home, would be of paramount importance. Ronin security provides high-level protection Private Residential Security services in and around the UK. Our protection services are tailored according to the individual needs of our clients: we take time to understand the level of involvement and expectations required. What is more, our professional and experienced security guards are always effective and discreet, providing unrivalled private residential security protection from potential security threats