Events Security

Are you preparing for
a special event?

Perhaps a festival or a concert? Whatever the nature of your event, security is a vital part to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. You need security services that you can trust and depend on to protect you and your guests.

Ronin Security Services provides exceptional event security and can organise and deploy services like:

  • Crowd management
  • Back stage security
  • Control of VIP areas
  • Stewarding
  • Parameter Security

Our expertly trained security guards will handle all aspects of keeping you and your guests safe and secure, leaving you to carry on with your job.

Our Security Guards

Every one of our security guards is SIA compliant and adequately trained in first aid. As a team, Ronin Security is dedicated to helping our clients’ events run efficiently, minimising chances of things going awry.

Our security guards are reliable and detail-oriented individuals who enjoy their jobs. They are dedicated to their chosen profession and have all undergone extensive training. On the day, they will be fully-equipped to handle any security situation or challenge, and will stay vigilant throughout your event.

Our Plan of Action

Our initial phase when developing your security strategy involves a detailed investigation and risk assessment. We work with you along with law enforcement, emergency services, and event organisers to mitigate challenges and threats that may arise during the event itself.

We involve you every step of the way so that you can be confident in our deployment plan and strategy. Our full plan will include assessing risks, site survey, staff training and post-event briefing. All these are necessary to ultimately make sure your event remains safe. We welcome any input from you, our client. It’s your event after all and it’s important that you feel confident in us, our guards and our strategy.

If your wedding day is near, you might have already decided everything from your dream wedding dress to your venue. But have you decided who is going to protect your event?

Your wedding day should be perfect and worth remembering. Even in the biggest event of your life, anything can happen. Not including security in your wedding checklist can ruin all the fun.

Why you should hire security on the most important day of your life?

Most people overlook their wedding security because they think what would possibly go wrong? Well, we have listed a few things:

  • Wedding crashers can cause chaos.
  • Your wedding gifts or personal belongings can go missing.
  • Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-spouse can show up at the last minute to create drama on your big day.
  • Your heavy drinking guests can lose their control and brawl.
  • Your jealous friends or family members who don’t get along can cause a scene.

If you have invited a great number of guests, including VIPs and if your wedding is in a public area or a venue without security gates, then it would be an excellent decision to get wedding security.
Enjoy and relax on your wedding day to the fullest because we guarantee you peace of mind on your Big Happy Day.
Ronin Security will protect the significance of your wedding or special events from unexpected safety or security concerns because the celebrations must go on.

Services we offer:

  • Crowd Search
  • Crowd Control
  • De-escalation
  • First Aid
  • Traffic Control
  • Parking Control
  • Perimeter Patrol
  • Video Surveillance
  • Loss Prevention
  • Asset Protection
  • Access Control
  • General Security

We will keep you, your loved ones, your personal belongings, and expensive gifts safe. Our reliable and trusted security team ensures that you have a fun and stress-free wedding.