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Ronin fully understand the importance of maintaining your corporate image. That combined with our professional SIA approved services will give you the reassurance to focus on your day to day business needs as each of our officers has been meticulously screened and vetted.

Ronin security offers a 24 hour corporate security service throughout UK. We provide professional, flexible, reliable and most importantly cost effective corporate security services in UK. Allow Ronin Security take care of all your security needs. For a cost effective investment in our professional corporate security.. A security presence maybe required by a Corporate Identity for such requirements as Company Events, Meetings, Personal Escort or general Building Security. Its key that the security guard also has a corporate presence and identity too.

Our Trained & Vetted Security Officers

Our people are trained and vetted security officers whose training conforms to quality assurance program before being employed by Ronin Security Management team also subject to continuous on-site random supervision inspections and regular training updates. Our security guards are polite, smart and trained to SIA standards, CRB checked, and each of them meets the British Standards requirements for security services. Delivers a diverse range of corporate security services and concierge services for offices, and our high calibre staff always leave a positive first impression on visitors. We select the most suitable security officers for your individual requirements, but you’re always guaranteed a fully trained guard with excellent.


Create A Secure & Relaxed Environment

If you need to create a secure and relaxed environment for your staff and visitors, our unbeatable reception security guards can help create the right first impression, whilst monitoring and controlling access to your premises.

Corporate security is extremely important for a number of reasons. Businesses have various areas that they need to protect, from their employees to their online files. However, there’s still many that don’t have a system in place to enhance security. Below, we’ve shared a few of the top reasons why corporate security is so important, as well as a few of the most common security systems.

Here For You

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, you are obliged to ensure that your employees are safe whilst they are at work. Employee safety should be your number 1 priority; without them, your business is likely to not succeed so it’s important that they feel safe whilst working. If any of your employees tend to stay in the workplace after hours, it’s even more essential to ensure that you have a security system in place. In addition to their physical safety, it’s also important to protect their personal data that you have stored.

At Home Everywhere

We believe that great corporate security begins with an in-depth understanding of your business needs. Our SIA compliant security guards are well-trained in analyzing your business’s requirements and carrying out the utmost professionalism in an intelligence-led approach to corporate security and safeguarding.

Ronin Security Solutions Ltd. specializes in office security, retail security, executive protection, and in-building security. So, whether you are looking for security solutions for sporting events, festivals, corporate functions, security for clubs and pubs, security for a personal escort or general building security for your company, we can help.

Our services are available as on-going embedded programs or as on-demand services. If you want security solutions that combine proactive intelligence with a thoughtful, low-profile approach then contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.